Niche Markets

After more than a quarter of a century, we have developed software for many companies, embracing an extremely wide range of industries and requirements. While we will tackle any project for anyone, we have had the opportunity to develop specialised software for several niche markets.

In the commercial field, we have worked extensively with two niche markets: the Poster Industry and the Market Research Industry, for both of whom we have developed extensive and sophisticated applications.

Our primary niche market, however, is low-level systems software, predominantly written in C, for Linux and Unix machines, although we also have extensive experience in writing such software in IBM's assembler language [BAL].

In this area we have created device drivers for several manufacturers, primarily for Linux but also for other Unix variants including SCO OpenServer and AIX. This is a field in which we have developed several innovative techniques.

We have also designed, and written compilers for, a number of special-purpose languages. This, too, has been primarily in C for variants of Linux, but we have also written compilers for IBM main-frames in BAL and PL/1.