Poster Industry Software

One of the niche areas in which we specialise is the Poster Industry, with which we have been involved since 1987. We supplied development software and specialised languages to, and co-wrote applications with, ORS [Outdoor Research Surveys], which later became AIS [Associated Information Systems] before finally transmogrifying into the NOP subsidiary NOP Posters. In 1997, NOP withdrew from the poster market and ACE entered into an agreement with the newly formed Postar Ltd, an industry-funded research body, to supply it with the development software and languages, to maintain the applications inherited from NOP and to develop new applications.

We have also supplied software to, and written applications for, other companies in the Poster Industry. These range from a sophisticated system to verify that booked posters were indeed posted to simple file conversions.

In conjunction with programmers from the client companies, we have developed poster-oriented applications including:

A continuing requirement, especially for smaller contractors without a large IT department, is the development of file conversion routines to convert client files, including upsites and availabilities, into the new XML formats mandated by Postar Ltd.


Applied Computing Expertise have supplied development software to the Out-of-home advertising industry for more than 20 years.

The applications written by them (which run to just over 3000 programs) have underpinned PostarĀ¹s management of inventory data for the industry.

ACE's wealth of expertise and knowledge and their technical support has been of enormous benefit in solving any challenges we have faced.

They specified, commissioned and supported all of our Unix and Linux servers, which included round the clock monitoring and off-site backups ensuring maximum performance at all times.

Over the last few years they have assumed all responsibility for maintaining and running our legacy systems, freeing our in-house staff for other development work.

Their understanding of our business, along with their attention to detail, dedication to rigorous coding standards and good data storage principles mean I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Daniel Hoye
Operations Manager
Postar Ltd.